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ClueNational Park
This National Park protects the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.
This National Park has 38 Glaciers in it.
Is the least visited national park.
This National Park has four active volcanoes in it.
Is the Biggest National Park in the U.S.
Is the northernmost U.S. National Park.
The land in this National Park was discovered in 1794 by George Vancouver.
Contains the highest mountain in North America
This National Park is home to the Rincon Mountains and the Sonoran Desert.
Is in the Geographic region known as the Painted Desert.
Is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders in the world.
Is the smallest National Park.
The National Park is in the Little San Bernardino Mountains
The islands in this park were originally settled by the Chumash People.
Is the home to the lowest point in the U.S.
This National Park has the largest plug dome volcano in the world.
Contains the tallest tree on Earth.
Contains the biggest living thing on Earth.
Is right next to Sequoia National Park.
Is the newest U.S. National Park
This National Park is home to the 4th largest waterfall in the world.
This is the southernmost American National Park.
Danish planters claimed these islands in 1718.
Is the deepest and narrowest canyon in the U.S.
This area has over 4,000 archaeological sites of the Ancestral Pueblo
This National Park's highest peak is 'Long's Peak'
Is the 2nd newest national park.
Has the lowest average elevation than any other park.
This is the National Park in the Florida Keys.
This place has more mosquitoes than any other U.S. National Park
ClueNational Park
This National Park has the greatest number of endangered species.
This National Park protects Mauna Loa
Is home of the biggest cave/caves in the world.
The only National Park in the northeast region of the U.S.
This National Park is home to the largest island on Lake Superior
This National Park is near the town 'International Falls'
It's highest point is 'Mount Cleveland'
Has Wheeler Peak in it.
Has the largest rooms of any cave in the U.S.
Is the most visited national park.
This National Park is named after a U.S. President
This park is located along the Cuyahoga River.
This National Park is home to the deepest lake in the U.S.
This park is the largest portion of old-growth floodplain forest left in North America.
Is home to the world's densest cave system.
The Red Shirt Table is teh highest Point in this Park.
The mountains in which this park is named after are surrounded on three sides by the Chihuahuan Desert.
Named after French-Canadian voyagers who canoed here on the fur trade route.
This Park is divided into four districts by the Green and Colorado Rivers.
This place was carved out by the Virgin River.
This National Park is the name of an especially rugged and spectacular segment of the Waterpocket Fold near the Fremont River.
Is the highest National Park in Utah.
The Park's most famous landmark is the Delicate Arch.
Has the Blue Ridge Mountains in it.
This National Park is home to the wettest place in the Continental U.S.
A popular attraction in this Park is the Cascade Pass.
Has the tallest mountain in the Cascade Range.
Was the first National Park ever to be established.
Is named after the Tallest Mountain in the Teton Range.

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