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QUIZ: Can you name the Major Leaders: 1914- present?

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Led the Nazi Party and dictator of GermanyGermany
Political and spiritual leader of India. Known for India Freedom Struggle. Philosophy of Truth and Non- violence.India
Chinease Revolutionary and 'Father of Modern China.'Based idea of revolution on three principles: nationalism, democracy, and equalization.China
Nobel Peace Prize winner (1990), one of the notable leaders of former Soviet UnionEuroupe
Active member of Indian National Congress Party and later elected as first prime minister of independent India. Played an important role in Freedom Struggle.India
22nd president of Eygpt served from 1956 until his death in 1970India
Russian Revolutionary and head of Communist Party. Russia
Communist leader of China who showed it the way to victory against the 'Kuomintang' in the Civil war of China. 'The Great Leap Forward.'China
Gained popularity amoung low- working class for his socialist economic policies. Introduced 'Five Year Plan''Russia
British politician and Prime Minister of United Kingdom during World War IIEngland
Abandoned his law practice and led armed group of fighters to over throw Bastisa. Former Prime Minister of Cuba.Cuba
Anti-apartheid activist and the former president of South Africa. Nobel Peace Prize (1993)Africa

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