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Can you name the top tough guys (and gals) of Tolkien?

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Fought off an army of spiders
Took out a Balrog in the Battle of the Peak
Beheaded the fell beast, and did the same to the Nazgul Lord
Killed two great heroes of the second age in single combat
Cut a Silmaril from Morgoth's crown
Fountain lord Killed Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs
Took on a god in single combat and went down fighting
Fought not just one, but a whole squad of Balrogs before he succumbed
Notched 42 enemy kills at the Battle of Helm's Deep
41 kills at the same battle
Bests and chases Sauron from his own fortress
Slayed a hill-troll, almost got buried beneath it
Elves and men couldn't wound this giant spider, but he did
'Nailed' final arrow shot, knocking Smaug out of the sky
Ambushed and mortally wounded Glaurung the Dragons
Easily mastered both Old Man Willow and the evil Barrow-wights
Led the calvary charge, threw down the black serpent
Fighting alone, wiped out at least 70 trolls and orcs before captured alive
Tumbled to his death from a high pass, took a Balrog with him
Cut the ruling ring from the hand of Sauron - huge mistake to keep it
Last minute save at the Battle of the Five Armies, crushed the Goblin King
Cowed an army of dead guys into doing his bidding
Stabbed and wounded the Nazgul Lord
Braved Angband, pulled off daring rescue of best friend
Barely an adult, 'lept up' the steps of Moria and slew the great Orc

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