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this superhero is family ofthis superhero
Invisible Woman is the elder sister of
Scarlet Witch is the twin sister of
The father of Polaris is
Huntress (Helena Wayne) is the daughter of Batman and
Mystique is the mother of
Carnage is a spawn of
The cousin of Superman is
Juggernaut has a stephbrother named
Hulk is the cousin of
Siryn is the daughter of
Magik is the little sister of
Banshee is the cousin of
Havok and Vulcan are brothers of
Human Torch is the brother in law of
this superhero is family ofthis superhero
The godfather of Franklin Richards is
Ravager is the illegitimate daughter of
The twin sister of Captain Marvel is
The older and evil sister of Starfire is
X23 is a genetic twin of
Captain Britain is the twin brother of
The first Scarlet Spider was a clone of
Police Commissioner James Gordon is the father of
Robin (Damian Wayne) is the son of Batman and
Skaar is the son of Caiera and
Cyclops and Madelyne Prior are the parents of
Husk and Aero are sisters of
The younger sister of Bishop is called
An alternate Nightcrawler is the father of

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