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Can you name the super doctor - hero and villain?

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Forced Order
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Enemy of the Flash who uses the Philosopher's Stone
Fights Wonder Woman in an armoured suit
First traditional supervillain to be encountered by Batman
Evil scientist who creates monsters to fight SHIELD
Genius JLA-foe who can manipulate dreams
Member of the Extremists, can manipulate magnetism
Ruler of Latveria
Psychiatrist, has been trained in the occult by the Ancient One
Helmed sorcerer in the DC universe
Master of Men's Mind and ally of Red Skull
JLA enemy who can manipulate light
Blue-skinned god-like being from the Watchmen
Infinity Inc. member with perfect night vision
Kree scientist, enemy of Captain Mar-Vell
Immortal wizard-king of the empire of Kor
Mutant who co-created the original Human Torch (android)
Member of the Sentinals of Magic
Tentacled Spider-Man foe
Batman villain with burning skin
Evil nazi, expert in the use of poisons, toxins and plagues
Telepathic enemy of Wonder Woman
Green haired shrink of the Hulk
Genius archenemy of Captain Marvel
Draws power from the Power Prism
Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme
Chinese cyborg with vampiric needs

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