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Can you name the Amazing Spider-Man?

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Spidey's real name
Spidey graduated in which major
Newspaper Spidey takes pictures for
Another newspaper Spidey worked for
Photobook with pictures of Spidey, Spidey published
Superhero Spidey took a Pulizer Prize picture of
Organization Spidey's parents worked for
Spidey's wife
Daughter of Spidey and MJ
Son of Spidey and MJ
Friend of Spidey, former highschool bully
Friend of Spidey, helps building the Spider-Mobile
Girlfriend of Spidey, thrown of G.W.Bridge
Cat burglar who loves Spidey
Phasing X-men who has a crush on Spidey
Pro wrestler Spidey tries his new gained powers on
Friend of Spidey, NYPD officer and roommate
First clone of Spidey made by Jackal
First real supervillain Spidey encounters, incognito
Second real supervillain Spidey encounters, birdlike
Shrink of Harry Osborn made the third Green Goblin
Group os six supervillains trying to kill Spidey
Group of superpowerd women trying to kill Spidey
Robots designed to kill Spidey
Devices Spidey used to swing between buildings
Tingling alarm in Spidey's head

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