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Puck's real name
Name of Puck's daughter, the second Puck
Evil Persian sorcerer that made Puck shrink
Name of the sword Puck freed the sorcerer from
Puck's size
Poet that Puck often quotes in battle
Famous author Puck is befriended with
Shakespearian play Puck based his name on
Canadian superhero team Puck belongs to
Superhero that invites Puck to the team
Puck's function in the team
Canadian almost-superhero team Puck mentors
Occupation of Puck during WWII
Animal-unfriendly sport Puck is good at
Superhero Puck escapes with out of hell
Superhero Puck brings back from the Dimensional Crossroads to Earth 616
Puck's famous circling martial arts-move
Magician and teammate of Puck
Orange-haired beast and teammate of Puck
Plodex species teammate of Puck
Clone who cured Puck from dwarfism
Mutant who battles Puck during the Spanish Civil War
40.000 years old villain who tried to alter Puck's genetics
Team of bestial supernatural villains Puck fights
Canadian supervillain team Puck fights
Villain that kills Puck and most of his teammates

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