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Can you name the Invincible Iron Man?

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The inventor's real name
Graduated from...
Father of Iron Man
Vietnamese warlord who takes Stark prisoner
Nobel Prize winner who helps building first armor
Name of the second armor, the MK II
Armor worn by James Rhodes
Armor designed against Hulk
Armor designed against Thor
Armor designed for guarding the Vault
Armor designed for SHIELD
Russian spy trying to seduce Stark
Russian counterpart of Iron Man
Another Russian counterpart
Boxing chauffeur of Stark
Red haired secretary of Stark
Butler of Stark
Superhero team against natural disasters
Superhero team working behind the scene
Superhero team (do I need to say more)
Stark manor in Manhattan
Plane made by Stark
Company of Stark
Evil Brittish business rival
Evil CEO
Villain with electrified whip
Villian with ten rings
Liquid enemy in 'Demon in a Bottle' story arc

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