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Equity theory
Attachment types
Exchange relationships and communal relationships
Woman's sense of being under-benefited raised risk of divorce
Dissimilarity as opposed to similarity is most important factor in determining relationship success (dissimilarity repulsion hypothesis)
SET explains people staying in abusive relationships
Ppts who scored highly on romantic questionnaire had high activity in ventral tegmental area
Type of relationship individual has with their caregiver can affect adult relationships
Difference between maternal and paternal grandparents in amount of investment
Married couples w/ similar personalities were happier than those with dissimilar personalities
14% of the UK population could be a product of extra-marital matings
Similarity theory represents only narrow view of factors in relationship formation - others include economic status and physical attraction
Measured PI for fathers and stepfathers - inconsistent with PI theory, it was equal
Male students were more concerned with sexual infidelity, female ones emotional infidelity
Similar people and those who liked the ppt were more likely to be liked and have the liking reciprocated (study involving students and papers on strangers)
Childhood experiences in men tend to correlate with PI
Longitudinal study investigating attachment type, happiness, social competence
Tested the DRH in Singapore
Studied 91 undergrads who completed a parental investment scale; males were less prepared for parenting
Reasons for relationship breakdown: lack of skills, lack of stimulation or maintenance difficulties.
Investigated couples who had CCET which taught respect, equity and conversation skills
Maintenance difficulties; if one partner goes away the likelihood of breaking up is increased
Men lower their standards for short-term mating success
Model of breakdown
Children with close parental relationships developed the independence needed to have successful adult relationships
Equity not important in relationship satisfaction
SET/'economic' theories may only apply to Western relationships
Decrease in physical attraction for men after sex to prevent them spending too long with one woman
Tested the DRH in the USA - found that similarity was most important initially and then those that discovered more dissimilarities became less attracted to each other
Women prefer handicapped men as it shows they are able to survive despite hardship so must have good genes
SET only explains motivations relating to the individual
Similarity is important to us as similar people will be more likely to like us, thus avoiding rejection
People are more likely to be attracted to people with similar traits, not complementary traits.
Men tend to be aroused more to any type of sexual imagery - sex differences in jealousy may not be adaptive
Peer relationships are equal so provide opportunities for cooperation and altruism that child-adult relationships don't have
Love is evolutionary; promotes survival and reproduction in humans
Research does not take gender differences into account - girls' friendships are more likely to be caring and secure
Surveyed individuals across cultures and found women wanted men with 'good financial prospects' and men focused on physical attractiveness
Female promiscuity is advantageous as she gets multiple fathers for her children and gets more genetically diverse offspring
An evolutionary explanation for PI is limited as it fails to take into account social factors
Significant experiences may alter attachment types - relationship breakdown is a shift from secure to insecure
Similarity Theory
Reward/need satisfaction theory
Teenage males are most attracted to females 5 years older than them
Females are attracted to males who provide, show signs of good parenting and are compatible with them
Functionally specialised system in the brain activated in those who claimed to be in love
Motivations in having sex for men and women
Creative task, rated on performance and then asked to rate experimenter
If there is physical distance, breakup can be avoided through reuniting regularly
Lack of stimulation is a common reason given for breaking up
It's difficult to determine the impact of peer relationships due to the need to assess the quality of the relationship
Women chose a partner with a feminine face when asked for a long-term partner, but one with a masculine face during high-risk conception
337 ppts asked to rate satisfaction and reward level; reward level most important in determining satisfaction
Husband earning more than wives, wives earning more than husbands
Students on university campus got propositioned by an experimenter
Pole dancers, menstrual cycles and tips!
Married couples completed measures of equity and satisfaction on questionaires. People in equitable relationships most satisfied
Males invest when investment increases the success of child rearing; male chimps and bonobos don't invest
Love quiz
People choose partners with similar levels of body fat
Ppts asked to rate strangers of opposite sex; ppts in relationships rated strangers lower as they had CL and alternative
Moderate or low dating frequency in adolescence predicted higher quality adult relationshisp
We gain reward from giving as well as receiving, something the RNST doesn't explain

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