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Does it look like it has high validity on first glance?
Brief summary of main findings.
Identifying categories and themes in a data set
Key feature: Science seeks to make generalisations
Way of assessing the consistency of a test/measure over time.
Allows insight into how ppts make sense of the world - used with interview transcript (give acronym)
Broad overview that becomes more specific and can include aims and hypotheses
How to overcome situational variables
Key feature of science: _____ methods
Do the findings agree with another experiment that has high validity?
Cross-checking of qualitative research findings to ensure validity of the findings
Used to sample individuals who are difficult to locate
Animal ethics: name the 3 Rs
Extent to which something occurs randomly (i.e. without a discoverable cause)
Key feature of science: Theories must be testable so they can be modified by ____
Measure of the extent to which researchers agree on what they've observed.
Key feature of science: opposite of subjectivity
All members of target population identified and have an equal chance of being selected
Any 'extras' e.g. raw data, copy of consent form/questionnaire.
Consistency of measure from one occasion to another.
Consistency of measure used.
Purpose of peer review
Statistical test for independent groups design, ordinal or interval level data
Neither the author or reviewer know each other's identity
Bias in peer review can occur because of the _____ nature of our world
What did they find in the study? Can include stats tests, but varies on whether research was quantitative or qualitative
Way of assessing whether the items on a test are consistent.
Full details of any journals/books used.
How to overcome investigator effects
Advertisement for ppts placed in newspaper/workplace
Statistical test for repeated measures design
Can the findings be generalised across time periods?
Accepting a null hypothesis incorrectly
Description of what the researchers did: design, ppts, ethics, procedures, and apparatus
Does the test measure what it intended to measure?
Ppts selected in numbers based on the representation of their sub-group in the population
Poor research may be passed in peer review because you can't find an...
Observing people in their natural environments
Rejecting a null hypothesis incorrectly
Researcher recognises and records their own biases in qualitative data analysis
Codes represent ideas or concepts from an existing theory
Ppts sampled from taking every nth name from a register
Can the findings be generalised to people not in the original study?
Are the findings applicable across different contexts or settings?
Statistical test for nominal data
Interpretation of the results: real world applications, implications of results, summary of results and whether these concur with prior research
Animals are _____ therefore, we should not study them
Key feature of science: set of general principles
Key feature of science: so that other researchers can do the study
How to overcome ppt variables
Codes and categories emerge from the data and are not generated beforehand
Is the test an accurate predictor of future test results?
Statistical test for correlational data
Summary of the study
Can the results be generalised to other people or situations?
Fault of animal studies - like racism
If a test is _____ we can reject the null hypothesis
Ppts selected on basis of availability
Journalists prefer to publish positive results and studies that agree with the 'status quo'; this is called...?
Studying written or oral disclosures
Levels of data in order (4 in total)

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