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The study of the inter-relationships between organisms and their environment
Competition between organisms of a different species
A more or less self-contained functional unit in biology of abiotic and biotic factors
The life-supporting layer of land, water and air that surrounds the Earth
Competition between organisms of the same species
Smaller units within a habitat, each with their own microclimate
The range and variety of living organisms within a particular area
All conditions and resources needed for an organism to survive and reproduce
Total mass of living material in an area at one given time (usually measured as dry mass)
Place where an organism lives which is characterised by physical conditions and the species of other organisms present
Organisms of ALL species that live in an area
Number of members of the SAME species that live in an area
Factor that makes up the environment of an organism that is non-biological in nature(e.g. light, temperature)
Factor that makes up the environment of an organism that is biological in nature
Where an organism could potentially survive and reproduce
Where an organism actually lives due to competitive exclusion
Two species cannot live in the same habitat if they have the same niche as they will compete and one will emerge the better (the faster-growing species usually wins)
number of organisms captured in 1st sample x no. captured in second sample/no. marked in second sample

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