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HintAnswerQuestion number
First female wolfblood to be shown
Above best friend2
Above male best friend3
Main teacher4
New male wolfblood series 15
What village is it set in6
#5 mum7
#5 foster family8
What school do they attend9
Who traps #1 and 510
No1 dad11
New wild girl12
Who wants to kill 513
HintAnswerQuestion number
Who discovered the secret14
No1 mum15
Main bully at school16
Leader of the 3 k's17
Becomes Jana's house mate in series 418
No 5 dad19
Where does Sweeney work20
13s henchman21
Above sister22
Who nearly dies in series 323
Who nearly dies series 424
We're is series 4 set25
How many episodes altogether 26

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