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Can you name the civilizations of Tales of Middle Earth, total conversion mod for Age of Empires 2?

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Led by a Witch-king
The Shire is in this former kingdom
An evil fortress
Where the Rings of Power were forged
This kingdom's emblem is a white tree
Mûmakil are famous in this place
The tower of Orthanc stands in its center
This kingdom is home to a harbour sheltering the Elves wishing to come back to Valinor
Galadriel's ring protected this land from Sauron's forces
A fortified city corrupted by the Dark Lord's forces
A dangerous forest where evil creatures live
Barad-dûr stands here
Once populated by the humans, this island is now sunken
The cities of Dale and Esgaroth stand in this land
The Easterlings originate from this not well-known land
It's here that the Fellowship of the Ring was born
Men from this country are well known for their cavalry
A kingdom frequently controlled by corsairs

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