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Can you name the Major Supreme Court Cases

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CasesCase name or year
Which case was the first to apply judicial review?
Which case in 1824 vastly expanded the powers of the Constitution?
Which case involved a man going to jail for sitting in the 'white' car?
Which case involved banning abortion?
In what year did the Reed v. Reed case take place?
In Miranda v. Arizona why could he not be charged?
Which case stated that a search could not happen without proper warrant?
Which case did this apply to, holding: even offensive speech such as fag burning is protected by the first amendment.
In Near v. Minnesota why was J.M. Near arrested?
In what year did Brandenburg v. Ohio take place?
CasesCase name or year
What was Bush v. Gore?
Which case took place in 1937?
True or False; Engel v. Vitale took place in 1961?
Which case made it so that states cannot nullify decisions of the federal courts.
Dred Scott v. Sanford made it so that anyone that was American of African descent could sue in federal court. True or false?
Was US vs. Eichman in the year 1989?
In what year did Gideon vs. Wainwright take place?
When did McCulloh v. Maryland take place?
Which case is known as one of the greatest Supreme Court decisions ever?
US v. Nixon stated what?

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