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Can you name the name the One Tree Hill character based on what they are saying?

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I own an ugly poncho which my husband likes to tease me about.
I divorced my husband who was obsessed with his best friend who he hadn't seen since high school.
I'm a rich college professor dating one of my students.
My best friend is so awesome, I named my son after him.
I lost my job for defending my friend who once punched me in the face and gave me my nickname.
I got notebooked.
I used to beat people up for fun.
I can't whistle.
I love Grease 2.
My best friend and I are basically inseparable. You'll rarely find me without him.
I like to punch people in the stomach and named the move after myself.
The most important thing about my job is making a difference.
I taught my dog how to skateboard.
I'm the bar manager.
I shut down my cafe because it made me a bad person.
I love toaster pastries.
I accidentally sent racy pictures to my student while on holiday.
I'm the girl behind the red door.
I let a man pay me to break his brother's heart.
The girl I love proposed to me but was in love with someone else.
I only sleep with cheerleaders when there's three of them.
I witnessed a man murder someone and let a student take the blame for it.
I'll definitely get the girl by pretending to be her brother, right?
A dog ate my heart.
I'm a weird dude. An odd duck.
My fiance wrote a book about his ex-girlfriend who he was still in love with but I didn't realise until I had already walked down the aisle.
A have an imaginary friend named Orvell
My husband once caught me in a compromising position with our sons best friend.
My sisters' husbands are my type.
I had to get in a car with Thing, Thing 1 and Thing 3 because of my brother.
I got sent to military school because I'm a douchebag.
I named my child after something I saw in a dream.
I caused a car accident and released a time capsule which caused a school shooting.

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