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HintWho are they?
The hero
The king, the father
Racist Lucian
The first savior
Drama queen
'How 'bout the decals'
KAWH KIDS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
atta boy!
The Cure for Insomnia
a must-see duo
'oooh my aching back'
King's shield
He's in your hand
Bring the gemstones
Power of the earth
The shield, the Father
The movie sidekick
Sass, sass everywhere
An old friend of the king
The friendliest Astral
HintWho are they?
Forever the Loyal
Little sister
The Immortal
Rageful Astral
Fond of mankind
once a boy, now a man
Beans and ingrediants and beans
The oracle
Bring the pictures
The messenger
Amicitia Butler
The Astral that did nothing right
Mad scientist
Waiting on the big bridge
Chocobos owner
Silver hair, sharp cheekbones
Guardian of dreams
Gifted glaive
The evil Astral

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