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Can you name the data about the partners in PM: TTYD?

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University attended 
Known professor 
Aspires to be an... 
Attacked by this man at the beggining of the game 
Joins Mario at... 
Girlfriend's name 
Father's name 
Home town 
Wants to run for this at the end of the game 
Joins Mario at... 
Madame Flurrie
Lost accessory 
Puni friend 
Play performed at the end of the adventure 
Joins Mario at... 
Name by wich calls Mario 
Egg is found atop of this 
Ability used to defeat the Armored Harriers 
Name adopted at the end of the adventure 
Joins Mario at... 
Group to which belonged and later returned 
Item lost 
Replaced by it in the group 
Number in Tattle Log 
Joins Mario at... 
Admiral Bobbery
Deceased wife 
Item to be delivered, given by Podley 
Favorite drink 
At the end, sails the seas with this guy 
Joins Mario at... 
Ms. Mowz
Badge shop 
Trouble at Trouble Center 
Badge hidden by her at Hooktail's room 
Joins Mario at... 

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