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Forced Order
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'Boo that freak! We're outta here.'
'I'm a virgin. Atleast, technically.'
'Him! Penn! Abs!'
'I'm not gay. I like girls...a lot.'
'Satan's my car.'
'Don't even try to out bitch me.'
'Even worse, you lost my spirit stick!'
'Don't get your skort in a twist.'
'Yeah, brooke's like the Olympic's champion.'
'Shut up! Chelsea!'
'I'm just a black girl who anunciates.'
QuoteWho said it?
'You're not just an oreo, Aeysha, you double stuffed!'
'When I say jump you say 'how high?' now jump!'
'Sharks, Jets, Shets. It doesn't matter what you call yourselves.'
'Oh, and you call yourselves the flaming hoes?'
'Use your words carson!'
'Cheer smack down!'
'P E A C E! Peace to the middle east! Go planet!'
'He can't do that. If he cheers for peace, then the terrorists win. duh.'
'I'm not quitting Penn! I'm...embracing my future! Which is freakin' bright! Everyone says so.'
'I'll check for marks.'

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