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Can you name the Disney Deaths?

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DeathCharacterKiller & Film
Shot by a hunter
Hung by the neck from the only vine he failed to chop
After quoting scripture he sees a gargoyle come to life and then falls into a lava pit
Fused with a Cy-Bug, he could not resist flying into a beacon coming out of Diet Cola Mountain
Surrounded by formerly friendly hyena, he pleads for forgiveness but is turned into lunch
With command of the oceans, she can't control a ship from impaling her
Eaten by baby birds
Falling from a zeppelin, unless those three balloons are able to keep him afloat
Sword of Truth in heart, falling into a firey pit of thorns
Hit by a subway train while driving his car on a bridge
After being slashed in the arm by a glowing crystal, his entire body crystalizes and he is shattered by a propeller
Full of jealousy, he attempts to kill the man who he sees kiss his girl, only to be shot by the attaked man's friend
Fighting through the River Styx for the girl he loves... Oh wait he lives! A true hero is born!
Swatted then stepped on... At least he gets to finally be with his Evangeline
Senselessly lowered into 'Dip' as an example of the murderer's cruelty
After losing her power to stay young forever, she falls of a tower while turning to dust
DeathCharacterKiller & Film
Exploded by fireworks
Exploded by an M-80 firecracker
Falling off a castle tower, skull and cross bones in eyes
Kicked by a man riding a horse on the steps of a church after screaming for sanctuary
Natural causes in a hospital
Shotgun blast while trying to protect his adopted son and wife
A piece of ceiling falls on his head but he uses his golden hammer as a 'free life' to live again
Eaten by a barracuda, along with most of her children
A parrot kicked his magical lamp into lava causing him to get electrocuted and explode
Cape caught in a jet turbine
Falling off a cliff that was just struck by lightning
A stone pillar that is pushed by a bear crushes him
After surviving a steamroller flattening, he gets blasted with his own creation, 'Dip'
Big Ben tolls its bell, causing a vibration which knocks him off the minute hand
Betrayed by his brother, he is thrown into a stampede of wildebeests

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