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Can you name the Disney villains by their final words?

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'OFF with her head!'
'My lamp... Nooooo!'
'Ah my friends... No, no, l-l-let... let me explain. No, you don't understand. No, no, I didn't mean- No, no...!!!'
'The toys! The toys are alive! Nice dolly...'
'So much for true love.'
'And he shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit.'
'Go ahead shoot me. Be a man.'
'Idiots! Children destroy toys! You'll all be ruined! Forgotten! Spending eternity rotting in some land fill!... No, No, Nooooo!'
'By the hair of ya chiny, chin, chin, I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!'
'You cowardly cobra! Procrastinating python! Agravating asp! Ooh, you eel in snake's clothing!'
'Now shall you deal with me, O Prince, and all the powers of hell!'
'This isn't the end of it. I will get your son eventually. I'll get your son! Hahaha! Oh no.'
'I hate horrible, wholesome sunshine! I hate it! I hate it! I hate! Hate!...'
'Are there a bunch of little girls in this one too? Hello girls. No, no, ahh, no...'
'There goes my... [sob] diamond!'
'You idiots! You, you fools! Ah! You imbeciles!'
'Where will everybody get their scream now? The energy crisis will only get worse because of YOU!.'
'Where's your kid now, Sheriff?'
'It looks like you're out of ideas.'
'No! Please, don't! Just a little more time! I promise I'll pay y'all back! I promise! AHHHH!!!!'
'Untie me at once. I'll have your heads for this!'
'Let me go, please don't hurt me. I'll do anything, Anything!... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!'
'I whooped ya! I whooped ya all! You'll think twice before messing with Percival C. [Last Name]! Ha, ha, ha! ... Wha? NO! AAAH!!... NOOOOOOO!!!'
'You're going to Timbuktu if it's the last thing I do.'
'I got no strings on me.'
'Now look what you've done!!! My Bugs! My bugs! My bugs, my bugs, my bu...'
'I don't feel so good, I feel a little fluuuuuuuuuushed.'

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