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Can you answer these questions about 'Weird Al' Yankovic songs? The answers are all numbers!

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Forced Order
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The protagonist of 'Albuquerque' was force-fed sauerkraut until he was this old
How old was the 'Genius in France' when his mom stopped picking out his clothes for him?
What is the price of the order in 'Trapped in the Drive-Thru?'
The singer of 'Albuquerque' guesses the number of molecules on Leonard Nimoy's butt, but he's off by this many
If the singer of 'A Complicated Song' were to have married his cousin, how many toes would their kids have had?
The King of Suede offers this percentage off of gabardine suits
How many extra-large pizzas were ordered in 'A Complicated Song?'
How many bumper stickers does the singer of 'Tacky' own?
In 'Amish Paradise,' the Amish party like it's this year
When you're only having seconds, what is the singer of 'Fat' having?
The singer of 'I Lost on Jeopardy' took Potpourri for what value?
In 'The Saga Begins,' Anakin hits on the queen despite being just how old?
How many watts of Dolby sound are exerted by 'Frank's 2000'' TV?'
In 'Nature Trail to Hell,' approximately how many Cub Scouts are hacked up per scene?
'(This Song's Just) _____ Words Long'
On what floor of the Gilmore building did the eponymous Melanie live?
According to 'CNR' how tall, in feet, was Charles Nelson Reilly?
What did the earthquake in 'Why Does This Always Happen to Me' measure on the Richter scale?
All the donut shop in 'Albuquerque' has right now is a box of how many starving, crazed weasels?
The singer of 'I Can't Watch This' heard that one America's Funniest Home Videos submission took this many takes to get right
How many pounds of string comprise 'The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota?'
According to 'Word Crimes,' what is the only acceptable age at which one can write words using numbers?
On which street did the bus stop in 'Jackson Park Express?'
How many shows per day does 'Skipper Dan' do?
How wide, in feet, is Robert De Niro's mole when shown on 'Frank's 2000'' TV?'

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