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Forced Order
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Who makes up Team Gents?
Who makes up Team Lads?
What is Gavin and Michael's team nickname?
In which Lets Play was the Tower of Pimps created?
Who created it?
According to everyone else, what was Gavin when he created the Tower?
In the same episode, Ray suggests that Gavin should kill himself by doing what?
Said Lets Play is also the only Lets Play to feature who?
What does Gavin call him in the video?
What is the name of the cow in Ryan's house?
In which Lets Play did Michael free said cow?
What infamous line did Ryan say about the cow in the hole?
Which Achievement Hunter has never been king?
Who has the most kingships?
Name one of the Lets Plays named after the AH crew, excluding King episodes
What did Gavin and Geoff build behind Jack's house to extinguish fires?
In addition to dispensing water, Jack's nob also dispenses what?
Where does the AH crew live?
Who occupies Kung Fu House?
According to a sign in his house, which AH member likes blowing Koalas?
Which non-regular Achievement Hunter has a room underneath Michael's House
In which episode did the guys first compete for the Tower of Pimps?
Who won?
In Ryan's nether house, the cow was changed to what mob?
Michael and Gavin built a secret tunnel between their houses. What is it made of?
What is the name of Gavin and Ryan's team?
What was the name of Gavin and Ray's team?
What is the name of Geoff and Gavin's team?
Which is also the name for a button that does what?
What is the name of Geoff and Jack's team?
What was the name of Ryan and Ray's Team?
What was the name of Michael and Ray's team?
What is the name of Michael and Ryan's team?
Who eventually won minecraft monopoly?
Who wanted to end it prematurely by sending a hitman to kill the last two competitors?
Who did he choose for a hitman?
Did the hitman actually kill anyone?
Who killed the hitman?
Who won the race to bedrock?
Who famously won 4 Let's Plays in a row, starting with Actual Petting Zoo and ending with King Michael?
Who was the most recent King?
Who was the first King?
In which Lets Play did Ray first say 'Just Blaze'
Which Achievement Hunter doesn't drink?
Where can you find a Tower of Pimps in the downtown city if nobody has one on their pedestals?
In Ray's house, there were dispensers that shot what?
Michael shoots Gavin out of the air during King Gavin using what?
Who won Dig Down?
Ray technically won Clouds, but who actually erected the Tower of Pimps?
In Clouds, Ray physically attacks Gavin. How many people have done this previously?
The first instance was...
In which Let's Play?
The second instance was...
In which Let's Play?
The third instance was...
In which Let's Play?
What was the reason for the first physical attack on Gavin?
What about the second?
And the third?
In which episode does Ghost Ray first appear?
In which episode does Ghost Ray and Ghost Ryan both appear?
Which member has been lagged out the most times?
How long was Ray's Tower Drought?
The first person to die in a Let's Play Minecraft was who?
Who or what killed him?
He was also the first to be killed by a mob, which mob?
Who has encountered the most creepers of the group?
Jack often says what when fed up with Lets Plays?
The crew often discourages cheating by saying what?
In Achievement Raceway, Ryan set off a bunch of explosions, causing the game to lag and costing which gamer the victory?
Kerry filled in for Ryan in which episode?
Which of the Achievement Hunters launched his rocket into a tree in Galacticraft?
Who was won the Tower of Pimps the most times?
And the least?
Who has the most total wins of Minecraft Let's Play's?
Who currently has the longest ever Tower drought?
What reason was given for Ray's Tower drought?
Who has died the most?
Who has died the least?
Which player's family did Ray jokingly threaten to kill?
Outside of Kung Fu House, which house in the city has a special name?
Ryan's cow is briefly replaced by a what?
What is the most used landmark in Achievement City?
During his kingship, Michael installed a pit in the Royal Court that contained what?
During Mad King Ryan, all the players must wear the same skin and attempt to kill the person who actually regularly uses the skin. Who were they trying to kill?
Which team won Capture the Tower?
Which team won Capture the Tower X?
Oddly, what entity has won the Tower of Pimps twice, despite the fact that it can not physically play the game?
Michael refers to Geoff's house as a what?
In Monopoly Part 1, why is the sign censored?
Who won Thunderdome?
Which team won Grifball?
Who made up that team?
Ryan only appeared in two seperate episodes before becoming a regular to Minecraft Let's Plays. What were the two videos?
Who won Mounted Combat?
Which non-King Lets Play was the only one to include Ryan, but not have him compete?
Where is Hit List hidden?
Who's idea was the Twelve Towers?
Which person was much chastized for their construction of Snowbound?
Can you guess my favorite Achievement Hunter?

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