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Forced Order
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Which two Achievement Hunters played the co-op campaign?
In Wacky Races, what was the difference between the first race and the rest of the races?
How many races were in Wacky Races?
Which two Achievement Hunters actually finished all of the races?
Which Achievement Hunter didn't finish a single race?
In the order Geoff, Ryan, Ray, Michael, Gavin, and Lindsay, what is everyone's roll call name in Wacky Races?
In the first heist, who killed Jack?
And who killed Geoff?
And who killed Ryan?
In Gavin's heist, how did Gavin die?
And he took who with him?
Who was the only one to survive Gavin's heist?
What was the first target of Ryan's heist?
Which three Achievement Hunters died in a fiery helicopter explosion trying to attack said target?
The heist was saved by whom?
When trying to attack the target, Ryan accidentally killed Geoff by doing what?
On the way to second objective through the subway tunnels, what happened?
In Michael's heist, his secondary objective was what?
The R&R Connection died in an intense gunfight with the LSPD during Michael's heist, but what was special about the getaway vehicle that they would have used to escape?
Michael also enlisted the help of whom to kill Geoff and Kerry?
In Jack's heist, how many stores were being robbed?
Who was shot by a clerk?
Jack landed his plane on what street?
Who sacrificed himself to allow the plane to take off?
Who accidentally jumped out of the plane?
Who died trying to parachute into a hangar?
HintAnswerExtra Information
After getting Lazers at the military base, Jack and Michael took them where?
How did Michael die?
In Ray's heist, what pre-heist tradition did Ray break?
What was the getaway car?
Who was the first to die?
After losing Jack and his cargobob, who attempted to save the day by grabbing another cargobob?
Where did Michael take the armored truck?
Who killed a few cops trying to help Michael?
When Ray found out everyone was dead, he went to the military base in the getaway car and attempted to open the armored truck with what?
The end result of which was?
In the Grand Heist, who went beast mode with a tank attached to a cargobob?
Ray once again sacrificed himself to allow the rest to escape in what type of plane?
Who was the pilot?
In attempting to evade police choppers, Gavin made what fatal mistake?
What was the objective of the prison job?
Who rained hell onto the prison with a tank in an elevated position?
According to Geoff, what did 'Big Dong' call him?
The Prison Job showcased that Jack is terrible at what?
In Glug Glug Slam, what did Ryan call the car he was using?
Who won the first ever race?
In Top Fun round 7, Team AH was made up of all the Achievement Hunters except for whom?
The first round of Splat X was won by whom?
And the second?
And the third?
Geoff does not appear in which GTA Let's Plays?
Who won GTA King Geoff?
HintAnswerExtra Information
Who won the most rounds of The Most Dangerous Game?
In the Most Dangerous Game X, who won by killing all his pursuers?
He also won the most rounds of Most Dangerous Game X. How many did he win?
The overall winner of Action News Teams was?
What happened en route to the final round of Action News Teams that severely angered Team Gents?
How many times did this happen?
Ryan was on the winning team for both rounds of Cargo Tank, who were his partners?
Who has won the most individual challenges?
With how many?
Which three Achievement Hunters are tied for second?
With how many?
Who has the least?
With how many?
Which team has the most wins?
With how many?
The other team has how many?
Who won Monster Truck Madness?
And he was subsuqently crowned?
Who was the first eliminated in the Monster Truck demolition derby?
Who won?
Ryan wanted what from Lindsay?
Who came in last place in the Monster Truck Cross Country Race?
Who won the Cross Country Race?
Who faced off in the final Monster Truck Race?

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