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An 1890's style in architecture, interior design, and graphic arts characterized by curving lines.
The artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, and Jim Dine make up this movement.
A mid 16th century movement that broke away from the balance of form and human proportions found in High Renaissance.
Henri Matisse was a leader of this movement, because of his use of violent colors, broken brushstrokes, and distorted images.
Used geometrical forms that create optical illusions.
Unified architecture, painting, and sculpture to overwhelm the viewer with ornate and dramatized themes.
This movement stresses the weird, the fantastic, and the dreamworld of the subconscious.
The artists of this movement wanted to depict scenes of everyday life.
You can thank the artists Kokoschka, Munch, Schiele, and van Gogh for this movement.
It began in the United Kingdom then made its way to America were it focused on american consumerism and mass production.
The american movement that emphasized form and color within a nonrepresentational framework.
A 1920's style characterized by zigzag forms, architecture, setbacks, and the use of chrome and plastic ornamentation.
The work of artists of African descent produced in various styles characterized by a mood of protest and a search for identity and historical roots.
Consists of French style interior design with characteristics of ornate curves, prettiness, gold and silver objects, procelain, and gaiety paintings/sculpture.
It sought to make Impressionism more precise by juxataposing dots of primary colors to make secondary colors.

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