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Capital City
Year Became a State
Bordering Country
Bordering State #1
Bordering State #2
Bordering State #3
Bordering Mexican State #1
Bordering Ocean
Bordering Bay: A
Bordering Bay: B
Bordering Bay: C
Bordering Channel: D
Bordering Channel: E
Largest Metro Area
Largest Cities: #1
Largest Cities: #2
Largest Cities: #3
Largest Cities: #4
Largest Cities: #5
Largest Cities: #6
Largest Cities: #7
Largest Cities: #8
Largest Cities: #9
Largest Cities: #10
Highest Point: F
Lowest Point: G
Major River: H
Major River: I
Major River: J
Major River: K
Major River: L
Major River: M
Major Lake/'Sea': N
Major Lake: O
Major Lake: P
Major Lake: Q
Major Lake: R
Major Island Chain: S
Major Island: T
Major Island: U
Major Island: V
Major Island: W
Major Island: X
Largest Volcano (by volume): Y
Mountain Range: Z
Mountain Range: AA
Mountain Range: BB
Mountain Range: CC
Mountain Range: DD
Mountain Range: EE
Peninsular Mountain Ranges: FF
Peninsular Mountain Ranges: GG
Transverse Mountain Ranges: HH
Transverse Mountain Ranges: II
Desert: JJ
Desert: KK
Desert: LL
Major Faultline: MM
Southernmost Glacier in US: NN
National Park: OO
National Park: PP
National Park: QQ
National Park: RR
National Park: SS
National Park: TT
National Park: UU
National Park: VV
National Park: WW
UNESCO World Heritage Site: VV
UNESCO World Heritage Site: TT
World's Oldest Living Organisms:
Physiographic Region: I
Physiographic Region: II
Physiographic Region: III
Physiographic Region: IV
Physiographic Region: V
Physiographic Region: VI
Physiographic Region: VII
Physiographic Region: VIII
Physiographic Region: IX
Physiographic Region: X
Physiographic Region: XI
Area (to nearest 1000 sq. mile or km)
Rank in Area among US States
Population (to nearest 100,000)
Rank in Population among US States
Approximate Width
Approximate Length

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