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Company that produces iPhonesA
American actor. Known for roles in World War Z and Mr & Mrs SmithB
Capital of AustraliaC
Also known as 'sausage dog'D
Santa's helpersE
Lead singer of The Black Eyed PeasF
Casper the friendly _____G
Main character of J.K. Rowling's famous seriesH
U.S state with populatin of approx. 6.5 millionI
Underwater creature with long stinging tentaclesJ
A place where dogs sleep at nightK
Olympic Games host city 2012L
Closest planet to the sunM
The 7th element on the periodic tableN
Eight-legged creatureO
A flower made famous by The Hunger GamesP
A savoury food served hot or cold, with meat, vegetables and/or cheeseQ
The well-respected late American actor/comedian, known for his role in Good Will HuntingR
A dried grapeS
26th president of the U.S. First president of the 20th centuryT
A fictional creature similar to the horseU
A holiday famous for love.V
A weather elementW
A game console produced by MicrosoftX
A video sharing websiteY
God of the sky, lightning, thunder etc.Z

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