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QUIZ: Can you name the facts of Kinkakuji?

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What it was originally built for
When it was built
Who it was built for
What it was converted into
When it was burned down multiple times
What it houses
Amount of floors
Layout style
Formal name
Type of Buddhism involved
Current city it is around
When it was destroyed by arson
Who wrote novel about the arson
When it was restored
When all the gold leaves were replaced
Current standing in society
Pond it was built by
How large pond is
What floor isn't covered in gold
Style of first floor
Style of second floor
Style of third floor
Reason for first floor style
Reason for second floor style
Reason for third floor style
Famous water spot
Animal on mound on island
Age of large bonsai tree
Shape the bonsai tree is in
Reason for adding rocks and islands
Site it is located on
When garden was renovated
Name of second, higher pond
Name of teahouse
Name of largest island
Main colors of temple
Where around Kyoto it is built
Name of first floor
Name of second floor
Animal on top of structure
What it is a model for
What it was influenced by
Who ran complex when built
What the icon is of on the second floor
What third floor houses
Amount of Bodhisattvas on third floor
Shutters on first floor are called
When it became a world cultural heritage site
What roof is thatched with
When new gold leaf was put in place
Item in temple restored
Item in temple restored
When roof was restored
When teahouse was restored
Hill marked with 'Dai' symbol
Amount of teahouses around complex
Hall dedicated to the God of Fire
Gate before the temple
What animal on roof is made of
What temple is made of
Era it was built in
Name of arsonist

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