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What was the date?
What was the victim doing?
Where was she doing this activity?
What happened to the victim?3 possible answers
How was she found?
How old were the boys that were rounded up?
How many boys gave videotaped statements?
How many boys were charged for the crime?
What did forensic analysists discover on the victim?
What was the name of the boy that some of the hair fibers belonged to?Was originally charged with rape but was not convicted for the crime
The hair was the only physical evidence attorneys could offer, true or false?
How many years did the 5 convicts serve?Wow.....
Three months after the jogger attack, a man was arrested for the murder of a pregnant woman, raping 3 other women, and robbery. What was his name?
How many years was he sentenced to prison?
What else did he confess to?
Reyes DNA was a match to the semen found on the jogger's body and sock, true or false?
Did the 5 teenagers get pardoned form the convictions?yes or no?????

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