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What treaty led to the formation of the EU?
What was the immediate cause of the Persian Gulf War?
Who was the leader of the PLO?
Who was the first president of the Russian Republic?
Who the last president of South Africa during apartheid?
What did the INF treaty reduce?
What was the name of the nuclear plant that failed in Ukraine during the 80s?
What country did the Contras of the Iran-contra affair operate in?
Who was the dictator of Panama?
What currency did the European Union create?
In what year did the Berlin Wall fall?
In what year did apartheid end in South Africa?
What was Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of opening (less media and religious restrictions)?
What was Gorbachev's policy of restructuring (complete change in economic and political systems)?
What leader suppressed Tienanmen Protests?
What Balkan country broke up in the early 90s?
Bonus: Who was the runner up in the 1988 U.S. Presidential election?

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