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Can you name the Star Wars V Characters? Thanks for all the reviews, taking on board what you all said about the last names for this one. If there is anything you'd like to tell me about, please write a comment!

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JediTrained by Yoda.
RebelLoves Han.
RebelA Space Pirate Turned good.
Sith'I, am your Father'
RebelBaron of Cloud City
EmpireA Stupid Admiral who is Strangled by Darth Vader
DroidA Protocol Droid who Loses an eye.
DroidA Little hero.
HumanLando Calrissian's aide.
Bounty HunterHired by Darth Vader to Track down the Millenium Falcon.
Jedi'Teach you I will'
RebelLuke's Tail-Gunner at the Battle of Hoth
SithA dark lord of the Sith.
Bounty HunterBoba Fett's main Rival.

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