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Type of CharacterAnswerHint
Jedi Jedi Knight who Mentors Anakin.
JediUnpredictable Padawan.
SenatorSenator for Naboo.
SenatorLeader of the Republic.
Human Captain Panaka's Nephew.
GunganSteps in as Naboo Senator when Padme goes into Hiding.
SenatorSenator of Alderaan.
DroidLoyal Astromech Droid.
Bounty HunterTries to Assasinate Senator Amidala.
AlienHearty cafe Owner.
JediTogrutan Mistress of form VI.
JediOur Green and Small Friend is Stronger than he looks.
JediHead of the Archives.
DroidHe hates Flying.
Type of CharacterAnswerHint
KaminoanPresident of Kamino.
KaminoanProject Leader of Kamino.
Bounty HunterMandalorian Warrior.
CloneTo be the most Dangerous Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy.
CloneOne of the first Clone Troopers.
HumanAnakin's Cousin.
SithThe Mastermind Behind the Creation of the Death Star.
AlienPresident of Geonisis.
JediWill risk his life for any Other Jedi.
JediAn Amphibian Jedi Master.
JediMistress of Form III.
JediLuminara Unduli's Padawan.
NeimoidianHead of the Trade Federation.
AlienHead of the Banking Clan.
AlienMechanical Seperatist.

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