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Can you name the Star Wars One characters from the descriptions given? Please leave a review to share your thoughts.

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Type of characterAnswerHint
JediKilled by Darth Maul.
JediKills Darth Maul.
HumanThe Chosen One.
HumanQueen of Naboo.
JediForm VII Master.
GunganLeader of the Gungans.
GunganClumsy but Charming.
JediOld but Lethal.
NeimoidianGreedy Leader of the Trade Federation
DugA Cheating, Bullying Podracer.
JediWise Jedi Master with a big Brain.
HumanLoyally Serves the Queen.
SenatorThe Leader of the Republic.
SenatorDeception Master.
SithThe First Sith to show Himself for a Millenia.
Type of characterAnswerHint
HumanThe Chief Handmaiden for the Queen
JediLooks Scary but has a kind Heart.
HumanBrave Mother to Anakin.
AlienWhy Couldn't his Engine Start?
DroidBeep Boop!
DroidAnakin's Creation.
HumanChief Pilot in the Space Fighter Corps.
NeimoidianPartner of Nute Gunray.
DroidTrade Federation Protocol Droid.
JediChalactan Warrior who turns to the dark side in the Clone Wars.
JediWears a scar upon his eye.
HumanGovernor for Naboo.
AlienSneaky Dealer.
HumanAnakin's best Friend
GunganSkilled General in the Battle of Naboo.

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