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Type of CharacterCharacterHint
JediThe chosen one.
JediAnakin's mentor.
JediThe wisest of all Jedi.
JediMaster of form VII.
JediBig brained warrior.
JediHe needs oxygen.
JediA blue skinned twilek.
JediStrict Miralian master.
JediLuminara Unduli's gracious padawan.
JediLightsaber Master.
JediSolitary horned master.
JediAmphibious master of Form I.
JediA Togrutan warrior.
JediAdi Gallia's cousin.
SithHead of the Seperatists.
Type of CharacterCharacterHint
SithLeader of the Sith.
CloneServes under Obi Wan.
CloneServes under Yoda.
CloneServes under Ki Adi Mundi.
SenatorAnakin's wife.
SenatorSenator of Alderaan.
DroidCheeky Astromech Droid.
DroidHelpful Protocol Droid.
DroidDeadly cyborg.
AlienSenate speaker.
AlienLeader of Utapau.
AlienLeader of the Trade Federation.
AlienBanking Clan govenor.
WookieLeader of Kachirno.

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