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Year of Game/FilmGame/FilmActors/Actresses
1996/2003Johnathan Cherry/Tyson Leitso/Clint Howard/Jurgen Prochnow
2001/2008Mark Wahlberg/Mila Kunis/Beau Bridges/Chris Bridges
1992/2005Christian Slater/Tara Reid/Stephen Dorff
1996/2006Jamie Pressly/Devon Aoki/Holly Valance/Eric Roberts
1993/2005Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson/Karl Urban/Rosamund Pike
2002/2005Kristanna Loken/ Michael Madsen/Meat Loaf
1987/1994Robert Patrick/Mark Dacascos/Scott Wolf/Alyssa Milano
1999/2004-2007Sanaa Lathan/Tommy Flanagan/Steven Pasquale/Sam Trammell
1990/2001Ming-Na/Alec Baldwin/Ving Rhames/Steve Buschemi
1987/1994Jean-Claude Van Damme/Raul Julia/Ming-Na
Year of Game/FilmGame/FilmActors/Actresses
1996/1999-2000-2001-2002 Rodger Parsons/Ikue Ootani/Rachael Lillis/Veronica Taylor
2004/2008Til Schweiger/Emmanuele Vaugier/Udo Kier
1999/2006Rahda Mitchell/Sean Bean/Laurie Holden/Kim Coates
1989/2010Jake Gyllenhaal/Gemma Arterton/Ben Kinglsey/Aflred Molina
1983/1993Bob Hoskins/John Leguizamo/Dennis Hopper
2000/2007Timothy Olyphant/Dougray Scott/Olga Kurylenko/Robert Knepper
1996/2002-2004-2007Milla Jovovich/Michelle Rodriguez/Oded Fehr/Mike Epps/Ali Larter
1990/1999Freddie Prinze Jr./Matthew Lillard/Saffron Burrows/Jurgen Prochnow
1996/2001-2003Angelina Jolie/Daniel Craig/Jon Voight/Gerard Bulter
1992/1995-1998Christopher Lambert/Robin Shou/Bridgette Wilson

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