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Can you connect some of the popular charcters of well-known japanese animations to their shows?

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Minato NamikazeSupporting Character
Ginji AmanoProtagonist
UgoSupporting Character
Kaede KayanoSupporting Character
Tooru OikawaAntagonist
BelgiumSupporting Character
Yusuke FujisakiProtagonist
Ayanami / VelorenAntagonist
Sieg HartAntagonist / Supporting Character
RyukSupporting Character
Nico RobinSupporting Character
Yoko LittnerSupporting Character
Clear NoteAntagonist
Yusuke UrameshiProtagonist
Mato KuroiProtagonist
Huang Pao-LinSupporting Character
Minatsuki TakamiSupporting Character
Muru MuruAntagonist
Sagara SanosukeSupporting Character
KĊsuke KiraAntagonist

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