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Can you name the four letter animals given a different definition?

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Forced Order
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to gloat, boast, or brag
company that produces athletic shoes
a chess piece
a crazy or deranged person
to find fault or complain about
counterfeit coin or to punch
a double agent
embossed emblem used as evidence of authenticity
exaggerations, lies, nonsense
feeling of hoarseness when in your throat
a flying toy
foolish or crotchety old person
a fruit or someone from New Zealand
a market thats declining
greenish dark-blue color
a grouchy person
to lower suddenly or to evade or avoid
malicious self-replicating computer program
man who makes amorous advances to many women
a gentle, meek person
a merry, carefree adventure
musical tone of low frequency
part of the human leg
person of great strength and courage
person who takes the blame
to have plunged into water headfirst
privileged, established white upper middle class in the U.S.
refrain from talking or divulging infomation
a revolver
to sell or advertise something
small glass for liquor
sound a clock makes
a stole or coat
a stubborn person
thing of unusual beauty
a toll road
an unaccompanied male
a very small amount

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