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Spock Prime was trying to save what major planet when he created a black hole with red matter.
The captain of the starship Narada that travelled through the previously mentioned black hole.
The captain of the last starship on which James T. Kirk's father, George, served.
The name of the last starship that George Kirk served on.
The present US state that James T. Kirk was raised in.
The epithet that young Spock's peers used to describe his human mother.
The name of Spock's father.
The Vulcan educational institution that Spock applied to enter.
Kirk meets this future female Enterprise bridge officer in a bar.
This senior officer encourages Kirk to enlist in Starfleet.
The name of the shipyard where the Enterprise was being constructed.
McCoy says the only thing he has left are his 'bones' after this event.
The Narada destroys 47 of this empire's ships above Rura Penthe.
The simulation test that Kirk passed on his third attempt.
When Starfleet gets a distress call from Vulcan, its main fleet is occupied in this star system.
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This Enterprise officer was born 4 years earlier in the alternate timeline than his 'prime' timeline alter ego.
The name of Spock Prime's single-person starship.
The Narada deployed this device to burn a hole to the core of Vulcan.
The Enterprise officer that dies while attempting to mount the Romulan rig over Vulcan.
The previous answer wore a Starfleet uniform tunic of this color.
Sulu used this type of bladed weapon on the Romulan rig above Vulcan
The name of Spock's mother who died attempting to flee Vulcan.
Spock Prime meets alternate timeline Kirk on this planet.
This Starfleet officer was exiled to a post on the previously mentioned planet after a transporter mishap.
Kirk and another officer are able to beam from Delta Vega to the Enterprise using this technique.
The Narada lowers its drilling device over this Earth city.
The collision of Spock's single-person starship and the Narada cause this phenomenon.
The Enterprise ejects segments of this type of energy reactor to escape from the previous answer.
Kirk rises from 3rd year cadet (when he boards the Enterprise) to Captain in this many days.
Star Trek's screenwriters explain the existence of the alternate timeline through this scientific theory.

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