Christian Denomination by Haiku

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Can you name the Christian denomination by haiku description?

Updated Feb 17, 2012

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Wanting a new wife, he established a 'new' church, Henry was its head.
Valuing all truth, seeing salvation for all, they welcome pagans.
The first to split off, predenominational, Patriarchs equal.
Inner Light in soul, pacifism longstanding, Tricky Dick was one.
Universal church, apostolic succession, the Bishop of Rome.
Baptisms for dead, Near East to America, white shirts and black ties.
Born-again a must, full immersion in a pool, salvation by faith.
Predestination, Confessions of Faith in church, the Church of Scotland.
They can speak in tongues, loving a good revival, the Spirit descends.
Prevenient grace, they led teetotalism, Wesley's thought is key.
The first to protest, starts with Ninety-Five Theses, liturgy of old.

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