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Can you name the countries that have comparable sized GDPs to those of Chinese provinces?

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Chinese ProvinceCountryEconomy Size
Guangdong$665 billion
Jiangsu$596 billion
Shandong$574 billion
Zhejiang$379 billion
Henan$333 biliion
Hebei$287 billion
Liaoning$260 billion
Shanghai$250 billion
Sichuan$244 billion
Hunan$232 billion
Hubei$225 billion
Hong Kong$219 billion
Fujian$206 billion
Beijing$201 billion
Inner Mongolia$180 billion
Anhui$175 billion
Shaanxi$148 billion
Chinese ProvinceCountryEconomy Size
Heilongjiang$142 billion
Jiangxi$136 billion
Guangxi$135 billion
Tianjin$133 billion
Shanxi$129 billion
Jilin$127 billion
Chongqing$117 billion
Yunnan$110 billion
Xinjiang$73 billion
Guizhou$71.90 billion
Gansu$60 billion
Hainan$30 billion
Macau$26 billion
Ningxia$25 billion
Qinghai$19 billion
Tibet$8 billion

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