Biblical Figures by Haiku

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Can you name the Biblical figures by haiku?

Updated Mar 6, 2012

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HaikuBiblical Person
Go to Nineveh/ instead he runs from his God/ then swallowed by fish.
He denounced Herod/ a cousin of the God Man/ now off with his head.
Soothed Saul with music/ Absalom my son, my son/ ever known for songs.
He built First Temple/ and gave Sheba all she asked/ he died a pagan.
Takes over as queen/ Haman to kill her people/ she lives, he doesn't.
Righteous in his time/ dad of Ham, Shem and Japhet/ did he invent wine.
Road to Damascus/ he was blinded by the Light/ he wrote thirteen books.
Was one of the spies/ he parted the waters too/ brought down Jericho.
He was raised a prince/ he did not marry a Jew/ let my people go.
The second on Earth/ mother of Cain and Abel/ created from side.
Dad was one-hundred/ saw Rebecca at the well/ he blessed the wrong son.
Swords into plowshares/ the wolf shall dwell with the lamb/ he prophesied these.
From Ur to Canaan/ he did bind his second son/ father of three faiths.
The Divine Logos/ the Wonderful Counselor/ nailed to a tree.
From slave to viceroy/ he had a colorful coat/ his father embalmed.

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