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Job descriptionCelebrity
Before he became Bond, he worked as a milkman at 14-years-old in 1944. According to BBC, he made 21 shillings a week.
He started his fashion career early and worked at a Gap store before he became Yeezus, the father of a Kardashian and the creator of a very 'meh' fashion line.
In her previous life she was a telemarketer and a bike messenger.
She worked at a McDonald's in Canada for three years before breaking big in Hollywood.
She told the Democratic National Convention that she once worked at Wendy's flipping burgers.
She was a bartender, and probably made some of the strongest drinks around before she became Miss Congeniality.
He was a limo driver for strippers and an employee at El Pollo Loco (rumor has it he dressed up as a chicken) before he was an international heartthrob.
Before spawning Suri and turning to Scientology, he helped carry luggage as a hotel bellhop.
He was a set designer for soft-core porn films before landing a lead role in a popular AMC drama.
Job descriptionCelebrity
Becoming Rocky was a far-away dream when he cleaned lion cages at the Central Park Zoo.
In his biography, he revealed he was once a gravedigger. He took the job to get over his fear of death.
The talk-show host had an assortment of odd jobs before becoming a lovable TV personality, but in her biography she revealed that she was an oyster shucker in New Orleans.
She worked at a Dairy Queen and in retail at the Anaheim Plaza Mall before becoming the punk rock queen of the '90s.
He has always worked in film, but he first started out as an usher at an XXX theater.
She held several quirky jobs including providing makeovers to the dead.
In 1978, before he became a beloved comedian and 'Home Improvement' star, he was busted for having 1.4 pounds of cocaine at an airport and spent 28 months in prison.
The rocker known for biting off the head of a bat once worked in a slaughterhouse to no one's surprise.
The 'Grey's Anatomy' star was a professional juggler at 18 years old.

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