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Can you name the Places in Lord of the Rings?

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Separates Rivendell from the West
Home of the hobbits
Bilbo's home
Merry's home
Tom Bombadil's home
Village the Prancing Pony is in
Frodo was stabbed here
Elrond's home
Saruman uses magic to block the fellowship here
The fellowship uses this route to bypass the Misty Mountains
They encounter a cave troll here
Gandalf fights a Balrog here
Lady Galadriel's home
The fellowship uses canoes here
This obstruction forced the fellowship to abandon canoes
Boromir dies here
The Uruk-Hai try to take Merry and Pippin here
Frodo and Sam head here after leaving the others
Eomer meets the companions traveling here
Treebeard's home
Gollum leads Frodo and Sam to this bogland
Gandalf the White first appears to the company
Theoden's home
Theoden's realm
The ancient fortress of the Rohirrim
Gollum leads Frodo and Sam here after the bog
Faramir's hideout
Faramir and the men of Gondor are overrun here
Gollum tricks Frodo into going here
Orcs take Frodo here
Gandalf and Pippin meet Denethor here
Eowyn kills the Witch King here
Aragorn seeks help from a cursed people here
Fortress of the Nazgul
The realm of Sauron
Where the ring is destroyed
Aragorn is crowned king of this realm
Legolas' home
Aragorn's other ancestrial home
Gimli's home

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