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QUIZ: Can you name the new movies by changing the last letter of an existing movie title?

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PlotNew Movie TitleYear
Molly Ringwald and four other students must solve a murder after finding a message written in blood on their French toast.1985
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table seek a loaf of bread baked by Jesus, but spend most of their time dealing with rude Frenchmen and looking for a shrubbery.1975
In this Oscar-winning war film, an English Enlightenment philosopher and a character from Lost find themselves injured in the Iraqi desert.2009
Following his death, philosophers spend years trying to understand the title character's ''Critique of Pure Rosebud.'' (Spoiler Alert: It's about his sled.)1941
In this CGI adventure, an elderly gentleman plans to fly his house to South America but suddenly forgets what he was thinking about and moves into a nursing home.2009
A dead fish becomes Detroit's finest law enforcement officer through cybernetic enhancements.1987
During the American Civil War, The Man with No Name takes on mercenary Angel Eyes and a bandit tangelo fruit in a fight to find buried treasure in a cemetery.1966
In this classical Japanese musical, Martin Sheen is sent up the Nung River to end a rogue colonel's operations in the Cambodian jungle.1979
When World War II threatens the feasability of Major League Baseball, a nocturnal avian starts the All-American Birds Professional Baseball League.1992
This classic film details the relationship of a couple in the American South as their nation is torn apart by Prohibition. ''Frankly, my dear, I don't give a dram.''1939
A culinary school secretly trains gifted chefs in a new type of cuisine, which blends Mexican and Mutant cooking traditions, in a world that hates and fears them.2000
Farmer Hoggett enters his prize pig in the title fight against the women's welterweight champion, but a dirty punch leaves him without the use of his legs.2004
Charlton Heston makes the startling revelation that Plato, Euripides, and Hippocrates ''are PEOPLE!''1973
Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet rediscover their love for each other as they clean the layers of dirt off their 16th century Chinese vase.2004
Morgan Spurlock asks his mother to eat only McDonald's for a month in this documentary. (She wisely declines.)2004

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