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State in which most of the show takes place.
County in which most of the show takes place.
Popular abbreviation for the above.
Country originally home to 'Annyong' Bluth.
'Make the biggest little mistake of your life' in this city.
State home to Lindsay and her family prior to the series.
This country is often cited as being 'down old South America way.'
George Sr. may have commited 'light treason' by building homes here.
This was 'pot central' in the '70s and earned the nickname 'big yellow joint.'
Island home to the above.
Island home to many sheep.
Military base near Uncle Oscar's lemon grove.
Every year, Oscar attempts the 420-mile walk to this city.
However, he's never made it past this college.
An oft-used point of reference, as in the phrase 'twenty miles to...'
District in Orange County known for its reversed lanes and 'the Poppins.'
Despite Buster's cartography training, this part of the map is not the land.
This location sounds like a salad dressing, but for some reason I don't want to eat it.
This might be a nice place to escape to (unless of course you marketed the Cornballer).
Barry is legally obligated to tell you you can't leave the state. I wish you hadn't said this city.
Although a Google search turns up no results, Maeby supposedly went to this city with her debate club.
One company wants you to know, unlike other cartels from this country, they 'won't kidnap and kill you.'
Original location of the cabin. George Sr. would take you if he didn't have to help this lady find her puppy...
This ship is — or rather was — permanently docked south of LA. You may be thinking of the nightclub, though.
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