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How do you pronounce 에이핑크 ?
Who is Apink Leader?
Who is Apink Maknae?
Who is the member who left Apink?
What year did Apink debut?
What is their debut song?
Who is the male that appeared in their debut song?
Apink is under which agency?
Who is the main vocalist of Apink?
Which Apink member who paired up with Taemin on We Got Married?
Which Apink Member who become a guest host on Weekly Idol?
Who appeared in Avon Pink CF?
What is the main song in Secret Garden album?
What is the main song in Pink Blossom album?
How many episode in Apink's Showtime broadcast? (Write the word not the number)
Aside from no no no, what is the other song which is made the japanese version?
On We Got Married, TaEun Couple dance which song of Apink in front of other couples?
What is the name of Apink Sub-Unit?
What is the title of only song sang by Apink Sub-Unit?
What is the name of Apink Fan Club?
What is Chorong Surname?
What is Bomi Surname?
What is Eunji Surname?
What is Naeun Surname?
What is Namjoo Surname?
What is Hayoung Surname?
What is former member Yookyung Surname?
Where is Eunji hometown?
What is the other song that Apink always sing in Apink Showtime?
How many season are there in Apink News? (Write the word not the number)

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