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Can you name the Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law Episodes?

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Case TitleEpisode
Bannon v. Quest
Chief v. Javalux
People v. Rogers and Doo
People v. Bear
Shoyu Weenie v. Jabberjaw and the Neptunes
People v. Flintstone
People v. Birdman
People v. Sebben
People v. Squirrel
Inch High v. Finkerton Detective Agency
Bobby v. Devlin
People v. Buggy
Ding-a-Ling v. Twiddles
Jetson v. Earth
People v. Ape
People v. Doggie
Yakky Doodle Name Change
Dog v. Surgeon
People v. McGraw
Case TitleEpisode
People v. Gator
Murro v. Birdman
Hoop 'n' Holler v. Rabbit
People v. Mole
Tana v. Gokk
Captain Caveman v. School Board
Peebles Pet Shop v. Peoples Animal Freedom Front
People v. Bannon & Quest
People v. Birdman & Top Cat
Clam Head v. Tinker
Shazzan the Genie v. Mentok the Mind-Taker
Atom Ant v. EPA
Phil Ken Sebben's Will
Bobby v. Devlin
People v. Hair Bear
Every Previous Case

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