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Rachel gives birth to Emma.
Phoebe is mistaken for a porn star after Ursula uses her name.
Rachel kisses the man that is interviewing her for a job at Ralph Lauren.
Joey's new TV show 'Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E' premieres.
Phoebe and Mike break-up because Mike does not want to get married.
Phoebe tries to prevent Joey from finding out his agent died.
Monica gets the wrong bed and tries to return it to Janice's store, where she sees Janice kissing her soon-to-be ex-husband.
Carol and Susan get married.
The girls play three games of poker with the guys, and at the end, Ross lets Rachel win to make her happy.
Joey gets picked up by Estelle Leonard's Talent Agency. He gets a part as Al Pacino's butt double, but he loses the job.
Chandler and Joey get free porn.
Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe all read the female empowerment book 'Be Your Own Windkeeper'.
Chandler kisses Joey's sister---after fooling around with a different one before!
Rachel asks Chandler to set her up with someone for a fling, so they all start bribing Chandler for the chance.
Phoebe gets a mink coat as a family heirloom, and keeps it!
Ross does not want a third failed marriage, and he holds off telling Rachel to prevet his loss.
Ross teaches Phoebe and Rachel a state of total awareness after they take a self-defense class.
Chandler confesses his hatred for dogs.
Rachel will not reveal the father of her baby; the audience finds out in the end that Ross is the father.
Rachel, Ross, and Joey straighten out the misunderstanding with the proposals, but Ross sees that Rachel was wearing Joey's ring, so she must have accepted his proposal.
Monica puts her hair in corn-rows, which later cause problems in the shower.
Rachel is just about to leave for Paris, but she gets off the plane and comes back to see the friends one last time and get some coffee.
Phoebe needs work, so Joey brings her to Days of Our Lives to be an extra. She takes her job way too seriously and gets fired.
Joey and Rachel go out on a date because Rachel is sick of being single. Joey realizes that he's beginning to fall for Rachel.
Rachel meets up with her college friend, Melissa. Rachel kisses her to prove a point, and Melissa reveals she has loved Rachel since college.
The friends all imagine their lives if they would have made different choices.
Ross goes on a date with Elizbeth, and after taking off his leather pants, he can't put them back on.
Ross and Emily get married in London.
Ross hooks up with the Xerox girl, which leads to a problem with his and Rachel's relationship.
Rachel watches a video that shows her that Ross has loved her since high school.
Rachel leaves Barry at the altar and moves in with Monica.
Rachel breaks up with Tag as all the friends reminisce about past birthday.

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