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Can you name the Name batman tas episode from quote in episode?

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where a warm hand waits for Minemr freeze
you killed captain clownjoker
why couldn't you save us sonthomas wayne
it was a big rockkiller croc
And the children wonder why we fightjoker
Nobody's that lucky or stupidrupert thorne
Society is to blame. High society.penguin
merely part of somebody else's dream? mad hatter
why coudn't you just let me make believebaby doll
If he's Batman, I'm the King of Englandtwo face
Sure I am, wanna see my gunharvey bullock
Welcome to the club.harley quinn
Yeah, murder.robin
see it as clearly as my parents' murderbatman
surrounded by the monsters he's createdcommissioner gordon
Yeah, sure, Joel.nick
Even I know that and I'm a vegetablesusan
I'll be Batman, you be mejoker
to be having a wee bit of an identity crisiscreeper
And don't call me 'puddin''.joker

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