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Can you name characters from the anime and manga 'Shingeki no Kyojin'?

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Forced Order
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Forced to run and skip a meal on the first day of training, comes from a small hunting village in the mountains
All that was left of him was his hand
Commander of the Survey Corps, cares for, but will not hesitate to sacrifice his soldiers for the sake of humanity
Obsessive about titans, energetic
Tried to resuscitate her boyfriend who was bitten in half
The only female that was assigned to Levi's elite squad
Immature, in the Military Police
Teased Petra and Oluo about them wetting their pants during their first expedition
Tried to rescue Carla but lacked the courage, saved Eren and Mikasa instead
Above average intelligence, had to disguise himself as Historia, narrator in the anime (Japanese version only)
Wants to 'correct' the Military Police and 'uphold justuce'
Very strong, protective
3D Maneuvour Gear broke outside wall during an expedition, encountered a speaking titan while writing in her notebook during her last moments
Hange's assistant
In Levi's elite squad, has hair styled into a tip at the back
Selfish and rude, has freckles, made a promise to Historia
Is often seen sniffing people
Imitates Levi poorly, often fights with Petra
The tallest of the 104th trainees, quiet
Died during the Battle of Trost, wore her hair in loose pigtails
Exchanged 3D Maneuvour Gear belts with Eren during training, didn't believe that it was possible for humanity to win against the titans
Not the brightest person, the residents of his village turned into titans
In charge of the Garrison, drinks a lot of wine
Belongs to the Wallist religion, was held over Wall Shina by Hange
Feels guilty for past actions, takes being a soldier seriously but forgets his true identity because of this
Lost his horse outside the wall, dislikes Eren strongly
Has a horse who eats hair, killed by the female titan
Strong sense of purpose, from Shiganshina
Graduated as #10 in the top 10 (104th Trainees), short
Mother, eaten by a titan
Titan with extremely long arms, covered in hair, can speak
Used to be a serial killer, possible familiar connection with Levi
Minor character in the 104th trainees, bitten in half (from the waist down)
Died during the Trost incident, had freckles
One of Levi's companions, level headed and serious
In charge of the trainees, is extrememly strict
Foul mouth, used to be a criminal, doesn't hold teacups/mugs by the handle because he fears that they will break if he does so
Was in charge of the squad with Christa in it during the 57th expedition, died fighting outside Castle Utgaurd
Has a unique fighting style, joined the Military Police
Distrusts Eren, leader of the elite squad in the Garrison who oversaw the patching of Wall Rose
One of Levi's companions, wore hair in pigtails
Doctor, leaves Shiganshina before the wall is breeched

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