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increased respiratory infections; increased IgE
Neisseria infections
Numerous autoimmune-mediated endocrine problems
increased bacterial infections in childhood
Btk defect; small lymph nodes/tonsils; recurrent infections
few T cells, but normal number of B cells; decreased ab production; infections early in life, thrush
CD40L defect; lack germinal centers; pyogenic bacterial infections, intracellular bacteria
recurrent episodes of skin/airway/intestinal swelling
RAG1/2 defect: reduced B and T cells
Recurrent pyogenic infections; albinism; defects in fusion of phagosome/lysosome
few CD4+ cells, low MHC II expression, severely immunocompromised
during pregnancy, fetal RBCs destroyed
defects in Treg cells, no Foxp3
immune complex formation; recurring pyogenic infections
defects in LFA-1; recurrent bacterial infections
destruction of RBCs
no B cell differentiation; defective IgA, IgG; increased extracellular bacteria
lung and skin infections; NADPH defect, granuloma formation
smalll thymus/few T cells
recurrent Herpes infections

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